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Program Overview

This program offers interdisciplinary research experiences at the forefront of the chemical sciences. Although our faculty research groups are grounded in "traditional" areas of chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic, physical), most of their research projects cross boundaries between these areas. A unique aspect of our REU program is that all projects will involve collaboration between two or more research groups, including both experimental and computational researchers, drawing on UNT's world-class resources in both instrumentation and high-performance computing. Possible research areas include:

Light-Harvesting Organic/Metal-Organic Materials * Computational Catalyst Design * Transition Metal Catalysis for Organic Synthesis * Electrochemical Characterization of Semiconductor Materials * Porous Materials for Environmental Remediation * Gas-Sensing Materials * Pharmacological Modeling of Illicit Substances * Organometallic Precursors for Electronic Materials * Computational Biochemistry * Corrosion-Protective Materials

In addition to a meaningful research experience, this program includes a career program involving career-active researchers at major international chemical companies, tours of local companies to see how chemistry plays a role, "hands-on" learning experiences and training in scientific communication (written and verbal), "Research Boot Camps" providing intensive training in computational and experimental research methods, and a scientific ethics component.

We strive to provide an immersive research experience combined with valuable career training.

Early application is encouraged, as we anticipate heavy interest in this unique program.

2022 REU participants: